Abandoned Domino Sugar Refinery Brooklyn NY


Attempted to find my way in here but they have it sealed up pretty good. Hopefully i can find my way in here before they tear it down. Got this amazing picture though! Enjoy!


The Domino Sugar Refinery is still visible on the banks of Williamsburg—though now it stands empty. At night, the illuminated “Save Domino” sign beams brightly over the water. In this constantly changing neighborhood, the Domino Sugar Factory has come to represent the struggle between development and conservancy.

A Brief History of the Domino Sugar Factory  

After the Civil War, New York became the biggest provider of refined sugar to the United States, and for a period of time the Domino factory in Williamsburg was the largest sugar refinery in the world. At one time, the factory employed over 4,000 workers and processed 3 million pounds of sugar a day. In 2004, after nearly 150 years of service, the factory shut down due to a steady decline in demand.

New Domino

Developers Refinery LLC purchased the property with plans in mind to make Domino Sugar a residential building with 2,220 units and 220,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor. The plan is called “New Domino.” Because of the Community Preservation Corporation’s guidelines, at least 30% of these units must be made available as affordable “low-income” housing. The developers estimate that this project would cost $1.5 billion dollars and most likely wouldn’t be completed until 2021.

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