Upcoming Events


Urban Cultures Vol. 1 is an event designed to illustrate the unifying elements of various Street Cultures of NYC. The goal is to showcase the finest in Street Wear, Art, and Music.


The night will begin with a gallery opening featuring the artworks of Devin Justin Masga, combined with a pop up shop for Control Sector fashion brand. There will be canvases provided for guests to freely draw and paint on, to collaboratively explore their artistic passions and become an integral part of the event.

The rest of the night will be about music. Performances by NYC based DJ’s will take place, giving people more space to socialize, drink, dance, and have fun! Let’s turn up!

Devin Masga

Control Sector

Jimmy Q (https://soundcloud.com/jimmy-q-1)
Hazel eyes

(Voluntary donation at the door)

VIP Entry
With donation of more than $5 – Get access to a private downstairs lounge with a separate bar. Also, on display will be number of unique pieces of Art Work by Devin Justin Masga.


Heys guys on August 15 I will be having an open reception of my very own art show “Quality Of Life” I will be having framed photographs up for sale some that i haven’t showed you guys yet! Drinks and finger foods will be provided and admission is free! Just make sure you RSVP at Marianna@Midoma.com Come out, support and enjoy what the streets have to offer!

FYI all photographs are Matted, Framed, Numbered and signed including a Certificate of Authenticity.


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